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Bloom by Roses from from Bones

  • Loneliness Is A Gift

    Without solitude, I never would have been able to engage in the deep introspection that allowed me to turn my life around from a spiral of darkness and depression into what it is now: a daily challenge that I have the privilege to overcome — after lots and lots of failure.

    Solitude is a gift. Don’t waste it, or worse complain about it. Seize it. 

    That’s where healing starts.

  • How About You Show a Little Gratitude?

    Many of life’s most valuable lessons await on the other side of pain and loss. Fortunately, everything we lose makes us lighter.

    We can transform any hardship into good fortune by simply shifting our perspective.

  • Freedom Comes From Forgiveness

    The most sinister part of social transactions is that we give our time, attention, resources, and energy to others under the guise of charity when it’s really a loan, and we’re fully intending to collect on our investment in the future — with interest. As a result, we create something I call social debt.
  • You Don’t Owe Anyone a Damn Thing

    One of the first steps of choosing joy and taking control over your life is absolving yourself of social debts to other people. Just because someone has been kind to you in the past doesn’t mean you owe them any of your time, love, or attention. Love is a gift, not a trade.

  • A Healthy Life Is Lonely

    If you want to stop living according to the whims of other people, you need to set boundaries. Even well-meaning people can draw you off course and shipwreck your life. You’ll only find joy when you develop the courage to chart your own course – and to fight tooth and nail against anyone who tries to mutiny you as captain of your own life. 

  • Eat Your Fear

    Every time you fail, every time you doubt yourself, every time you look back at what you’ve left behind, people will try to pull you down. If you decide to keep moving forward, they’ll abandon you, or worse, throw knives at your back.

    If you want to live a meaningful life, you should be afraid. You should be fucking terrified, because pain, treachery, and loss are guaranteed. And then you should eat your fear, because fear is the fuel of courage.

  • What Do You Really Deserve?

    By obstructing the pathways of consumption, we can focus our energy on creation. The more we create, the less we covet, because we align our appetite with our workload.

    When it comes to the things you want but don’t have, are you putting in the work to earn them, or are you just a jealous ape coveting what you haven’t earned? 

  • You Should Give Up

    Powerful people are like steel nails. Forged by flame. Driven by the striking hammer of life. Individually, they’re small. However, strong nails allow us to build structures where people can work, play, and rest for generations. 

    Life is a hammer. You can be a mirror, passively reflecting the ills of the world around you, or you can be a nail, building a brighter future. 

  • Who the Hell Are You?

    Every time you push through your mental blocks like pain, discomfort, and fear, you grow — there’s literally more of you. That’s the essential concept of antifragility.

    When you strain your muscles and skeleton, you grow more muscle and bone mass. In the same way, every time you put your mind under stress, you get smarter, tougher, and more confident.

  • Stop Lying to Yourself

    If you truly want to change your behavior, you have to understand what motivates you. Why do you do things you hate? Why don’t you do what's good for you?

    The answer is often in how you identify yourself and what you think you deserve.