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How To Get What You Deserve

Last week, we talked about how many people are “opting out” of discipline and personal growth because living a life of challenge feels like too much work for too little reward. 

That’s not us, though — we realize that in life, the work is the reward, and blood, sweat, and tears are our currency. 

Today, we’re going to talk about one of the more underestimated sins of humanity: coveting, more popularly known as comparison. 

Humans have a long history of coveting shit they didn’t earn, and then either getting depressed that they don’t have it or scheming a way to take it. Usually through violence. Sometimes through law. Occasionally through begging or protesting. 

Coveting is a form of greed that disguises itself as justice. After all, what’s the first thing a toddler shouts when it throws a temper tantrum after not getting a piece of cake? “That’s not fair!” 

That toddler is still alive inside us as adults, and it starts kicking and screaming whenever we scroll through social media, go out downtown, or think about people in our lives who are more well-off than we are.

Quote of the Week: 

“No person has the power to have everything they want, but it is in their power not to want what they don’t have, and to cheerfully put to good use what they do have.” — Seneca

What Do You Even Want?

Part of the reason we fall into the coveting trap is that we rarely understand what we truly desire. I’ve said it before: people always do what they want to do 100% of the time. However, when there’s a disconnect between what we want to have and what we’re willing to do, that’s when our joy flies out the window.

The simple answer is that everything in life is attainable if we align our appetite with our workload. To quote Sadhguru: “If you’re incompetent, and you’re in competition, you’ll feel stressed.” 

The best way to avoid comparison is to stop wishing and start working. Stop looking around at what other people have and start taking action to build a better life. One of the best ways to do that is to put down your fucking phone – or at the very least to break away from social media. 

I’ve spent the last year slowly removing all traces of social media from my phone. First, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Then Reddit. This month, thanks to the latest Medium update which removed the story editing feature from their app, I finally deleted my biggest distraction of all: the Medium app. I also removed Facebook Messenger.

By obstructing the pathways of consumption, we can focus our energy on creation. The more we create, the less we covet, because we align our appetite with our workload.

When it comes to the things you want but don’t have, are you putting in the work to earn them, or are you just a jealous ape coveting what you haven’t earned? 

Question of the Week:

What steps can you take this week to align your actions with your desires?

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