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About Roses From Bones

What Is Roses From Bones?

Roses from Bones is a multimedia project that inspires people to live on purpose and die without regrets.

It was launched in Tampa, Florida by musician and writer Chris Fritz in 2019 and has grown into a community of growth-minded people from all over the world.

Live On Purpose. Memento Mori.

We must always remember that soon, we — and everyone we love — will die. Death does not wait, negotiate, or discriminate. The time to get your life right is now — because tomorrow could be too late.

"Not to live as if you had endless years ahead of you. Death overshadows you. While you're alive and able — be good." - Marcus Aurelius

So what’s the purpose of life? I believe that the purpose of life is to experience joy and to leave the world better than you found it.

Joy is the easiest thing to capture, yet the easiest thing to lose. It’s my goal to help you attain and hold onto joy by cultivating self-mastery, serving others, and living well — while you can.

Holding onto joy requires virtue, focus, and boundaries. It also requires us to let go of the things we can’t control, accept our circumstances, and learn to be grateful for things that disrupt our comfort.

Together, we can help each other dissect the dead wood and twisted vines of selfishness, bitterness, and excess in order to grow anew in the ashes of who we used to be — like Roses from Bones.

Who Is Chris Fritz?

Hey, I’m Chris! I stock shelves for a living, and I write every day. I also love to create music and art whenever I have the time.

In 2016, I graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication. After that, I stocked shelves and worked in a wine cellar until I finally landed a "real" job as a supply chain analyst in early 2018.

I washed out of corporate life less than a year later, and I've been bussing tables, digging holes, and stocking shelves ever since.

Roses from Bones is a project that grew out of my personal failures and battles with depression. I spent my college years deeply involved in the Southern Baptist Church, but I eventually left when I realized that some questions simply couldn't be answered in the pages of a bible.

I started exploring other worldviews including Stoicism, Epicureanism, Taoism, Zen, Hinduism, Islam, and more. I discovered that truth is buried in the pages of history, and it offers itself freely to those who are brave enough to seek it.

I launched the Roses from Bones project in 2019 out of a desire to connect with purpose. It started with a handful of original songs, but eventually grew into something much larger.

Since then, I've been blessed to touch the lives of hundreds of people through music, art, and writing. I've also made, and learned from, tons of mistakes.

Over time, I've become a better man thanks to the wisdom of both ancient and modern thinkers who were bold enough to record their thoughts in the pages of history.

My life's goal is to add something valuable to the pages of the future with my words, and to improve the lives of people in the present with my actions.

Memento Mori. Amor Fati.