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Marcus Aurelius Vanitas Shirt
Marcus Aurelius Vanitas Shirt
Marcus Aurelius Vanitas Shirt
Marcus Aurelius Vanitas Shirt
Marcus Aurelius Vanitas Shirt
Marcus Aurelius Vanitas Shirt

Marcus Aurelius Vanitas Shirt

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Design Details:

"You may leave this life at any moment: have this possibility in your mind in all that you do or say or think." - Marcus Aurelius

This 100% cotton shirt features a drawing of Marcus Aurelius based on the ancient statue of his face combined with a skull and the words "Memento Mori" and "Amor Fati." It also bears references to the Stoic symbols often displayed in Vanitas still life paintings. This shirt serves as a reminder of human mortality.

Keep this as a Stoic reminder of life and death wherever you go!

What's so great about these shirts?

  • Every Roses from Bones shirt serves as a reminder of ancient wisdom for modern life.
  • These shirts are super soft, fit well, and look great in any wardrobe.
  • These shirts feature durable vinyl for durable, long-lasting designs.
  • All shirts are pre-washed to prevent shrinking.
  • Roses from Bones offers no-hassle refunds and returns so you can shop with confidence. 

Return Policy:

It’s the worst feeling in the world. I’ve personally been cheated out of my money in online purchases several times — with no way to fight back against shady sellers.

I never want you to feel like you’ve been taken advantage of by Roses from Bones. That’s why I offer returns and refunds within 30 days of purchase.

If there’s ever trouble with your order: poor fit, not as expected, wrong/damaged item, shipping issues, I want to help you. Even if you need to cancel because you’re unexpectedly broke, I get it.

I find that a little generosity goes a long way, and that integrity is a seed — the more we plant, the more we find. When we work together to make the world just a little more honest, it's always worth the effort.

I trust you. I want you to trust me too.



About The Project:

I'm Chris Fritz, a musician, writer, and designer on a mission to inspire people to live boldly, love deeply, and create abundantly.

Roses from Bones is a multimedia creative project that draws inspiration from philosophy, religion, and spirituality from all over the world.